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How to Properly Clean Up Your Sex Doll?

Posted on August 14, 2021

If you were buying a quality sex doll, you should be able to enjoy her for years to come. The key is to stay on top of the routine maintenance, and you have to pay close attention to cleanliness. Do such things with safety measures and care, and you will have a fantastic time? Proper care of your new doll is an essential part of sex doll ownership. By keep your doll clean and undamaged, you’ll save yourself and your doll healthy, and you’ll have to extend her lifespan by the years! Below we’re providing a guide to keep your lifelike sex dolls in top condition.

Here’re the steps to guide for cleaning.




You’ll require a work surface that will allow you to get your doll wet. If you have right of entry to a shower, that’s even better. Grab some towels and the cleaning supplies mentioned above.


Clean every Hole such as Vagina, Anus, and mouth


There’re no such expectations. If you use an orifice, even for just a few seconds, then you must clean it. That means:

  • Rising away from any bodily substances, you have to use the douche have listed above.


  • Irritate with a sports bottle, a dedicated suds cleanser is fine. So is a mild, soapy water solution.


  • You have to use a soft bottle brush to ensure all the stuff is maintained in a doll.


  • Don’t put the doll wet.


Cleaning your doll’s face


If there’s been no mess, a mild wipe down with a hardly damp cloth is delicate. Some people enjoy putting makeup on their Affordable sex dolls. Use an oil-free makeup remover for that. You have to be careful not to use staining, oil-based cleaner.


Cleaning your doll’s hair 


If there is zero mess, your dolls do not require frequent cleaning. There is a simple and rinse that works well. Lots of users prefer to wash their USA sex dolls hair in the sink. Some dolls even fare pretty well with the shampoo in an aerosol can. One thing! If you buy a quality doll with realistic hair, you can style up as your wish. That’s a perfect way to adopt a variety of looks to accommodate any fantasies you might have.  Treat your doll with proper care and respect, and then you’ll be rewarded with years of great sex.




Always support your doll correctly when you carry and move it. Don’t drag or lift at her weakest points, such as her elbows or neck. Otherwise, she could suffer from a dislocation. During sex, don’t be too rough; don’t flex the body parts against their natural movement. Do not affect your doll too hard, or you have to twist or bend her. If it reimbursement a human, it will likely damage your doll. This goes in two ways so far novelty dolls that are stuffed or inflatable.


Moving and storage


If you need moving, pack your doll in a box, and ripe it in a blanket. This should stave off any damage from rough treatment. When it comes to the storage space, your options may differ. Lots of people keep a doll out in the open. Mainly you do favor something a bit more distinct.


Replacing parts of your sex doll


What if a part breakout, or merely wears down? It can be interchanged? How difficult is that to be? How much does it cost? You could interchange lots of stuff by yourself. Some of these repairs can be made using it from around your house. For others, you may need to be substitute parts.

How could we replace finger nails?


If you un-riddle how to place a set of fake nails on yourself, or someone else then you’re in luck. That is all you have to do to replace your doll’s nails as well. Simply pull away any excess nail tissue, and have to clean your doll’s hands. At present, follow the order that you have to come with the package of nails that you purchase. This method is perfect for two reasons; first the price cannot be a beat. Second, this is a vast idea to cover up broken nails, and you have to keep informed the lifelike sex dolls in general look.

Should you deliver your doll away?


There are some problems which will require going as a professional. If any part of the skeletal structure is broken. For example, you will require be professional. Any parts which are electrical, internet are connected, or both should only be taken apart or it is mentioned by professional.

Final Verdict


Be calm; the body of your sex doll should be cleaned entirely every 30 days with a shower of mild antimicrobial cleanser. It’s okay to sit your real doll in the water or shower with her, but don’t let her head or neck sink underwater. To clean the face of the real-life sex dolls, smoothly wipe with a damp cloth and TPE safe foaming cleanser. Again, do not cover your doll’s head in the water. Use a soft absorbent towel and lightly dry your fucking sex doll after washing. After dehydrating well, apply a soft powder of premium restoration powder to preserve your skin’s smoothness and velvety. Never use a hairdryer or other heat source to dry your doll.

The vaginal, anal, and oral areas of the lifelike sex doll should be cleaned after each use to stop the extension of bacteria since the TPE skin is more porous than silicone. Clean the canal with antibacterial soap water. Gentle in a vaginal irrigator until it is spotless; wash the channel with clean water in a vaginal irrigator until all the soap is removed.

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