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How to Use Perfect Sex Dolls?

Posted on August 6, 2021

If you purchased a sex doll, then congratulations, you’re at the right place! You’ve made a good investment. A sex doll can provide companionship, sexual satisfaction; even it will spice up your relationships. A perfect sex doll doesn’t care about your job, car, looks, or the contents of your wallet. They’re constantly helpful in your bad times and ever judge you for your fantasies or hang-ups. There are lots of people who don’t even know what a sex doll is. It would be your significant investment; you may even go into debt to buy your doll, so it is essential to know all the facts. Here is this blog; we’ll cover all the points related to sex dolls, and you also get to know how to use sex dolls.


How to use, un-boxing & assembling? 


It is one of the primary things to do when your perfect sex doll arrived at your doorstep. The day had finally arrived when your fantasies converted into reality. You can barely manage your excitement when you see the container on your porch. You hardly notice the delivery guy, and your hand slightly shakes as you sign up for the package. All of your thoughts that are on the box are become horny and keeps you excited to open the cartoon. But you have to be careful while opening up your sex doll; it is essential to be cautious before you bed your new lover; you must take care to unboxed and assemble her correctly.


Step 1: Carefully transport the package to a room in you is with lots of floor space. 


When they first receive their sex doll, one thing that surprises many people is how heavy the package is. These full-sized sex dolls are mainly used with a weight between 50 and 70 pounds plus all the packaging weight! Your fully packaged, perfect sex dolls could weigh up to 80 pounds when she arrives. If you are disabled, older, or live in a 5th floor or above apartment, you should be prepared for how you’re going to move this package. A close friend may be a good helper, or you can pay extra to the delivery guy to help you out.


Step 2: Open up the package with a box cutter or knife


Once the package arrives on your floor, tear out the taping into the top edges of the box to open her up. Be careful that you do not go deep with the knife, as your doll has very sensitive skin; it can hurt her skin. Once you’ve cut down the packing tape along the seams, the box will open up much like a coffin.


Step 3: Wash your hands carefully 


Now that your new sex doll is ready to be taken out of her box doesn’t require smudging or marking her pristine skin with your dirty hands! Do wash your mitts thoroughly before touching the sex doll.


Step 4: Unpack the head of your new sex doll


Now, you have to unpack your fitness sex doll head; you carefully have to remove foam wrapping and take the lead of its bag. Place the sex doll head on the top of the bag on the floor next to the box. You’ll return to it later once you’ve got the body out.


Step 5: Remove other accessories in the box


Usually, accessories will be included in the package like clothing, a closet fitness sex dolls storage system, and cleaning tools. Remove the other entire thing from the box and place them aside. After this step, all that should be left in the box is the body of the doll and the blanket that she rests on. Also, remove the foam packaging from the body of your sex doll.


How to use it? 


Most people choose to use a lubricant so that their sexual experiences are easy and pleasurable. If you do this, make sure to choose a water-based lubricant, oil-based or silicone-based lubricants that can damage your doll and cause staining. Apply oil at any place that you want to penetrate. Just don’t go overboard. If you try to use lots of things, that will get sticky and messy quickly. Also, some people prefer to take a dry penetrate. For this purpose, they usually use powder. This will reduce resistance, but it also creates a very dissimilar sexual.


How to store sex dolls? 


Now your fitness sex doll is assembled and ready to go, it’s time to think about storage. Don’t get us wrong! If you’re comfortable with your doll hanging out in the open, we’re all for it. Still, most people require being a bit more discreet. This is why every doll we sell comes up with a storage kit. You can use this to hang your doll in a closet or other space while you aren’t utilizing it. If you would like to care for your doll, there are storage cases available in the market. This looks attractive if it could store many things; nobody will ever suspect you’re keeping a sex doll in there. It is even better if you have enough space under the bed, slide the storage case under there. That’s the way; your doll takes up almost no space whatsoever. Both silicone and TPE are temperatures sensitive; that is why you should be aware of where you will store your doll.


Wrapping Up


We all know that a fitness sex doll is an expensive alternative, but it would be your one-time investment for sure. If you follow such tips to use a sex doll, your doll will be in perfect shape for years to come. You’ll even get more enjoyment for the time you spend with your doll.


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