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Lifelike Dolls

In 2019, all over the world there has been a lack of intimate relationships with one another. You’ll hear common themes such as work hours colliding, life styles not matching up as planned… Whatever the case may be, majority of the social interactions made today are made online through a computer screen. A good portion of people turn to masterbation as a form of release or pleasure, making sex dolls a must have item on the masterbation sex list in 2018. With life like TPE material, it really does feel like the real thing! These dolls aren’t just available for men either! Ladies– there are sex dolls with male parts and features that you can customize to your liking, how cool is that?! Life like sex dolls is a win-win for her and him, but there are some things to consider before purchasing your new doll for masterbation.

When searching for a realistic sex doll, one can have many questions. One might consider the material it’s made out of– as mentioned before TPE material is used in making life like sex dolls, which really do feel real when touched and are easy to clean. Today there are many options available such as: hair length and hair color, eye color, or even size and shape of breasts/butt. Also, another option available is to have your realistic sex doll stand up or sit down by choosing from the different feet options. Make sure the doll is exactly what you are looking for by first thinking of your perfect partner and then get into building a match online. Pubic hair is another thing you can customize on your realisitic sex doll. Choose from cleanly shaven, to down right messy. While most prefer the clean cut look, JSdolls offer a range of sizes and styles to fit even the pickiest of people.

At the end of the day, everyone chooses their realistic sex doll based on their own personal specifications. The doll is then made to order and shipped directly to it’s new happy owner. Masturbation has never been so simple!! Whether you like them standing up or laying down, all life like sex dolls from JSdolls come with a metal skeleton built into the inside of the TPE material to help prop up the doll for enjoying all the common sexual positions. Choose from our huge selection of customizable life like sex dolls. JSdolls custom makes each doll to order, and typically a 10 business day turn around, which includes manufacturing and delivery.


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