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Black Friday Sale 2022 !! Get Up To 50% OFF On Sex Dolls.

Black Friday Sale 2022 !! Get Up To 50% OFF On Sex Dolls !! JS Dolls

Posted on November 23, 2022

Mia SKU realistic a-cup breast lifelike soft, smooth skin real perfect love doll

In the first list, we introduce Mia as she is young and furious, fulfilling all your desires. Mia is our sexiest lifelike sex doll with a stunning face and fashionable hair. Bring her home so you may appreciate her excellent sex abilities because her eyes invite you. 

With a great waist and a great round ass, she boasts a stunning, curved physique. She is more akin to a stripper who exclusively performs for you. She can dance and touch any part of your body, but her mind-blowing blow job is undoubtedly her best sex talent. You will have the best BJs of your life with her. Your tedious masturbation sessions are over thanks to the well-defined physique, lightweight, and huge, soft boobs made of TPE material. Her boobs and ass will also bounce in time with your thrusts. You can get her for $799.38, so don’t miss out.

Journee SKU Natural Body Ideal Love Mate

Journee is a curvy pleasure doll with large tits, costing you $699.35. You can position her wherever you please on the bed. Journee is the sex doll that is the perfect doll with flexible joints for every position. 

Journee has an ideal body shape and glowing skin, and the bodily parts of this sex doll are incredibly well-made. Therefore neither the vaginal area nor the other body parts can ever wear out. She is your best friend and will fill in on your lonely night if you don’t feel like going out and looking for a date.

Adelynn Big Breasts and Butt TPE Men Sex Doll Lifelike Love Doll Toy

Adelynn is a diva of distinction, but you can play with her after you bring her home. Would you be thrilled if Adelynn, the diva, took the initiative to strike this posture for you?

Your rapid twitch caused Adelynn’s body to wobble back and forth under your smash and even the entire bed to sway as you swung the rifle in her direction, and guess what? She costs you $699.99

Lyric Natural Pretty Body Delicate Face Love Toy

Lyric has a large bust, and her price will surprise you as she costs you $699.56. Perfect boobs catch people’s eyes. The breasts are soft and complete, and cozy to the touch. She also has incredibly flexible, perfect boobs. Her perfect breasts can scarcely be held in one hand. However, if you rub it, Lyric will be at ease. She also has realistic nipples. 

She will appear even more attractive if she wears a transparent bra. Imagine Lyric is waiting for you on your bed. You won’t be able to say no to those two perfect breasts. She will provide you with flawless breast sex, and we promise that every man will adore her two sexy breasts.

Holly SKU TPE Sex Doll Real Love Doll

Holly is a full-body sex doll that is both hot and lifelike. It is an excellent option if you want to have sex with attractive and gorgeous women due to Holly’s proper human form. She has three lovely, tight holes as well. Furthermore, Holly has a sturdy metal frame. She is competent in every sex position. She will bring you a sense of transcendent sexuality no matter how you infiltrate and get it at $699.87

Our Promise

We at JS Dolls offer lifelike sex dolls, and we promise you will receive the exact doll pictured. You can engage in any sexual position. Make sure you don’t miss out on these sex doll deals.

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