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A Comprehensive Guide to Having Sex With a Sex Doll | JS Dolls

A Comprehensive Guide to Having Sex With a Sex Doll | JS Dolls

Posted on June 15, 2023

So, you’ve got yourself a Life Like Sex Dolls as your partner and now you’re probably wondering, “How do I have sex with it?” You must know how to use it right so it can really make a difference in your life, right? We penned this article to give you some guidance and answer any questions you might have about having sex with a sex doll. That way, you can get the most out of your money. Alright, let’s jump right in! 

How to make love by having sex with a sex doll?

Take a moment to consider the procedures we use for a typical sex routine. Once you have all the steps here, you can totally do it however you want. So, you get this idea in your head and before you know it, you’re feeling pretty turned on. But then you’re like, “Oh shoot, nobody’s here to snuggle with me,” and you see your doll  in your room like, “Hey, what’s up?” Yeah, it’s time to hurry over and have sex with a sex doll.

having sex with a sex doll

having sex with a sex doll

1) Set up an environment that makes you feel more at ease and you think is more fun than any other routine place. And now, just start making love.
2) Like just any other human communication, you can initiate the process with a tender kiss on the lips that leads you to many steps down the path. Your precious doll is now just ready to steal all your love for her body and make you wild.
3) If you’ve started as well as ended oral sex, or maybe multiple kisses bore you, it’s time to get on to the real process. Take some lube in your hands and proceed to apply it to your penis and your doll’s vagina. Now you may already know about the importance of lube for a pleasurable sex experience. It minimizes the friction during the process which makes it even more pleasurable and fun. 
4) Due to the extra flexibility of the sex doll, it can effortlessly bend in multiple positions and you can have her hard in any position you may like. As they say, your imagination can run as wild as it can. So, just bend her in any position you feel is the sexiest, and go rough on her for as long as you want. 
5) Now about the basic process of sex, we are all familiar with it. Most of us know how to do it in a particular way and get satisfied but there’s a lot more to it than you think. There are no rules, especially when it comes to fucking sex doll. 

6) Get your doll ready, spread her legs, and just have some fun! Just spread her legs wide and you’ll find the vaginal and anal openings easily.

7) Take your time and don’t rush when you’re with her. Just relax and have fun while you get intimate with your sex doll. Remember to take deep breaths! Go ahead and pull her close, give her a smooch, and push her up against the wall. Wow, you totally rock this awesome style!

Start making Love

If you’re feeling frisky and look forward to playing with the best sex dolls 2023, simply relax for a sec and try taking it slow with some gentle love. Your doll is super cute and looks like a perfect lovebird partner!

You have to feel to appreciate every inch of her figure with an element of love. When you do this move and start getting busy, it turns into a super romantic scene that just feels so good and makes you feel lucky. It will get your hormones going with a chill flow that offers your nerves time to get you all excited. We want you to feel this vibe!

Oral Sex with Your Doll

The creators at JS Dolls put a lot of effort into making the doll feel lifelike and real when you begin to hang out with her. Oral sex is when you suck, lick, or kiss a person to get them going or to get yourself going. This is why engaging in oral sex is essential to the process. You gotta give the doll a smooch to feel her. You can totally feel how soft your doll is by giving it a little kiss and experiencing its magical taste.

Positions for Oral Sex

There isn’t any right or wrong way of having sex with a doll orally, and you’re free to experiment with different positions, but finding one in which you’re most at ease will make it far more likely that you’ll do so. When she is on her knees before you, you should ensure your dick is in the best possible position. If you want to make a sex doll shake her head repeatedly, you’ll have to do it manually.

You can also have her stand in front of you as you lie face down and bend her head. You need to insert your dick into her mouth and shake her head as you try to do this. However, if you prefer the 69 position, you can easily adapt to it and perform it on your own. F*ck her, f*ck her hard, and have fun with her!

Vaginal Sex with Your Doll

At JS Dolls, each doll has a variety of vaginal depths that you can choose from. These dolls are so lifelike because they are composed of TPE or Silicone, which feels very similar to real bodies. They provide as much satisfaction as a human lover and have the same convincing realism. Dolls are flexible enough to be positioned however you like during sex, so you may enjoy the experience no matter how you like to do it.

sex with a sex doll

sex with a sex doll

In case you’ve ever wondered if you can complete an orgasmic experience while still within your doll, the answer is yes! Make careful to thoroughly clean your doll after sustaining your semen, but it is completely capable of doing so. A condom, as we’ve already established, can greatly facilitate the process. When using a lubricant, make sure it can be revived with just a few drops of warm water. Dolls can either have a fixed vagina or a detachable vagina, so keep that in mind.  Dolls with detachable vaginas can be cleaned after use by simply removing the vagina plug. You’ll find it less of a hassle to clean your doll now. Find one that speaks to your passions and have it made to order.


You should now have a firm grasp on what it’s like to engage in sex with your beloved doll, as well as some ideas for improving the experience. You and your doll companion are free to pursue a life of happiness and contentment. Even your companion doll won’t pass judgment on you. Even if you’re a lesbian with sex doll, it will be fun. To get the most out of your sex doll experience, just be sure to read and adhere to all of the included instructions. If you want your sex doll to endure as long as possible without being deformed, it’s important to treat her gently and refrain from biting it with excessive force. Just make sure to buying a sex doll from a trusted manufacturer like JS Dolls. Make your evenings more gorgeous and romantic to increase your enjoyment. Start enjoying the finer things in life with her, not just the sex. 

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