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New Sex Dolls in Our E-Shop-JS Dolls Brand

Posted on May 24, 2022

We at JS Dolls wish to inform you that we offer Cheap Realistic Sex Dolls & Lifelike sex dolls per the customer’s needs. You have found the right platform when it comes to finding the best sex dolls. There are a variety of Lifelike Sex Dolls and lifelike sex dolls at JS Dolls that offer pleasure and guarantee the best price in nearly every corner of the world. These new sex dolls are provided in our e-shop sex has hot sex dolls in stock, so hurry up and buy them. In this guide, we will be talking about the new sex dolls that JS Dolls has just launched, and they are also made with high-quality material at great prices. So let’s explore them-


Kori SKU realistic tpe sex doll lifelike amazing curvy body real love doll


So here comes the first new sex doll by JS Dolls. This sex doll is great for vaginal and anal sex. The metal skeleton she uses is for flexibility to perform like a woman to do many poses. Kori is one of our most beautiful and sought-after girls. The picture that does it justice is not what her body is really like. She can satisfy any need you might have and is always ready to go again and again. As you enjoy every moment of your time with Kori, you will know how much you have meant to your woman.

Realistic Big Breast

Realistic Big Breast

Kori is made from TPE, and it seems like she has been there for you, and you already have some good memories of her. She is a thick and juicy sex doll that looks realistic, and you will never realize she is different from the other dolls on the market. Your hands will not look off of her soft and smooth skin. She can wrap her legs around you so that you can dive in.


Ryann TPE Sex Doll Realistic Big Boob Big Sexy Butt Real Amazing Model Love Doll


Ryann sex doll can do breasts, anal, oral, and vagina sex. Ryann loves to have pleasure and show off her body. With her rounded ass, Ryann knows men look at her with lust, and she adores it and is a flirt and will always show you the time of your life. The build-up to Ryann is worth the wait, and it would benefit her to tease you before you can see her.

Lifelike TPE Sex Doll

Lifelike TPE Sex Doll

She always leaves a pleasant impression with her blond hair and outrageously sexy body. Everyone in the house will be jealous if she chooses someone out of a group of admirers.


Jazmine SKU Lifelike TPE Sex Doll Realistic Big Boob Big Sexy Butt Real Amazing Model Love Doll


Before rushing to Jazmine, let her tease you first and flash her body; she knows you’re here. She has long brown hair, a nicely endowed face, and a very sexy body; she always leaves a lasting impression. If she chooses you out of the pack, everyone will be jealous, and you don’t know it. Tonight is your lucky day because she is gazing at you and isn’t smirking.

Realistic Big Boob Big Sexy Butt

Realistic Big Boob Big Sexy Butt

Our sex dolls have multiple possibilities, including oral, breast, vagina, and anal sex. She rests on a metal skeleton that is elastic to perform any pose humans can do. Jazmine loves to show her body but is protective of her privacy, and she knows men watch her with scruples due to her petite breasts and round ass, and she loves it and is a flirt. She will always show you the best part of your life.


Brylee SKU Realistic Big Boob Sexy Big Butt High-Quality TPE Sex Doll Lifelike Sexual Feels Real Doll


Our sex doll can do everything from breast to vagina and anal sex here. Her build is made of metal and has a flexible skeleton that she may be able to do some poses with. Brylee is our beautiful sex doll and looks real due to the materials. It will feel even better when you slip inside her since she has larger breasts. 

 Realistic Big Boob Sexy

Realistic Big Boob Sexy

Brylee only wishes to make you happy, so you must get all the fun you want with her. She is an ultra-realistic, TPE sex doll with a body that helps to seduce you. She rests on a solid metal skeleton that allows her to be used in all kinds of sexual positions. She feels real, so you won’t know that she is just a sex doll.


Sylvie SKU Realistic Big Boob Sexy Big Butt High-Quality TPE Sex Doll Lifelike Sexual Feels Real Doll


The material that makes Sylvie feel amazing is TPE, which is the finest material. She has big breasts, and it will feel even better when you slip inside them. When you take her home, she’s yours to keep, which is what Sylvie will do.

TPE Sex Doll

TPE Sex Doll

She has a body ready to be seduced, a quality that comes from using ultra-realistic TPE. Her legs are long, her breasts are large, her large waist, and she wears an enormous rounded butt. It is hard to tell that she is just an ordinary sex doll because she feels real.


The Bottom line 


We hope this guide has helped you know about the detailed familiarity of JS Dolls newly launched sex dolls, which are of excellent quality. However, if you also have liked sex dolls and want to explore the sexual pleasures of a sex doll, then Buy Sex Dolls from JS Dolls at very affordable prices. There are a variety of sex doll collections that might surprise you, so go through their website and buy one for yourself.

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