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Know the Flexibility Or Full Movement Range Of A Sex Doll

Know the Flexibility Or Full Movement Range Of A Sex Doll

Posted on August 3, 2022

A primary metal frame supports most TPE or silicon dolls. Their design and structure depend on the size of your sex and manufacturer. Their skin is thicker and lacks layers. This softens them and renders them far more agile and sturdy than us simple mortals. This guide will discuss the flexibility of lifelike sex dolls, so let’s get started. Sex dolls are available at JS Dolls, a site that offers a wide selection of Sex dolls in USA so that you can have fun and get intimate with your sex doll.

So let’s take a look at the sex doll parts one by one that is mentioned below.

Head of the sex doll

The doll’s head can move up and down freely and can also rotate 90 degrees to the left and right. Its neck is held firmly in place by a metal frame, so the doll cannot lift its head too high and cannot bow its head forward or back excessively.

The dolls perform regular exercises

The dolls are composed of silicone that resembles human skin. Please take caution when moving them about since the silicone material’s properties can lead to silicone rupture from vigorous movement or excessive exercise.

Among the doll’s fragile parts are its fingers

Even with all of these precautions, your dolls still have a chance of being harmed or broken. She may break her spine under enough pressure on her back. Her feet and toes are exposed because she wears no socks, stockings, or shoes. She lacks any defense versus blunt tools in your house since her toes are getting severed. If you repeatedly squeeze her hands into fists, they can get harmed. If you try to switch positions throughout a long party night, her hands could potentially become damaged. She may seem sexier if she covers her feet, but it is only a short-term solution. Covering her feet may solve some issues.

Using the Standing Foot Option to Position a Doll

The two most delicate parts of the TPE sex doll are the hands and feet. They should be treated with extra care because they are prone to tearing and sustaining damage during playtime. The only thing that can be done to protect their hands and feet is to make sure she spends plenty of time lying on a bed or couch.

If you want to establish dominance, why not try one of those sex swings? Once you’ve got her nice and loose, it’s best to dust off the body thoroughly before getting started. You can also ensure that the hands and feet have received ample powdering by mixing talcum powder into the water in which you bathe them.

The waistline of the sex doll

The maximum angle for forwarding and backward, waist bending, waist bending, and breast thrusting out is 40 degrees. Angles can only be 40 degrees while the body is turning at the waist to the right and left. The limit is reduced when the waist is similarly rotated and bent, superimposing angles in all directions. The angles on all sides will be restricted to 20 degrees, for instance, if the waist is bent and twisted to the left while simultaneously time.

Hips and thighs of sex dolls

The maximum amount of separation possible for the JS Dolls’ thighs is 130 degrees on either side, with a maximum increase of 100 degrees for single leg splitting. The movement can produce a too much-pulling force on the doll’s silicone, leading to damage. Thus we do not advise opening the doll’s thighs too far. We suggest avoiding opening the legs more than 15 degrees inside the body’s vertical line or 50 degrees maximum to both sides. It shouldn’t be raised higher than 90 degrees or bowed backward beyond 15 degrees of the body’s vertical line when supporting one leg.

Eyes of sex dolls

The dolls’ eyes can all be moved. To change the doll’s line of sight, open the eye, move the eyeball a bit back, and then rotate it to the desired angle. The eyeball contains spring structures inside. The maximum rotational angle for doll eyes is 120 degrees. Please avoid turning the doll’s sight line at an odd angle.

The Wrapping up

Notwithstanding these sad incidents, there are more and more silicone doll lovers. It will be fantastic to see when high-quality, reasonably priced robots become available. Sex dolls are the future we look forward to since they eliminate conflict, STDs, and most importantly, the chance of pregnancy and betrayal of faith that enduring partnerships present. Sex dolls are the ideal option for individuals who can’t get enough of each other because there is no drama, no STDs, risk of becoming pregnant, and no risk of abandoning your sweetheart. If you ever purchase a sex doll, be cautious as it can be damaged, and keep her safe at all times.

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