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JS Dolls – Affordable and High Quality Sex Dolls Manufacturer

Posted on May 11, 2022

JS Dolls is a US company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Our team designs and crafts high-end Sex Dolls Sexy. Our dolls contain realistic, lifelike structures that look like real skeletons. We want to design dolls at the most affordable prices for our customers. We intend to continually improve our products and services to give our customers a good experience. JS Dolls has been manufacturing sex dolls and continuously explores new technologies.

Our company has a reputation for having good artists, technicians, and experienced operators, and its brand awareness has gone up, and it entered the world’s most extensive doll panel. The excellent quality of the products and services offered by today’s JS Dolls means that they will last a long time. Each doll has a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles and has different features, appearances, and orientations, thus representing all ethnicities and genders. They are your sexual partners, models, servants, teachers, and students, all at your request.

Sex dolls are given unique names and treated like real people. The dolls help overcome loneliness and self-abasement. We hope that customers buying dolls will treat them well; let’s remember that the sex doll has to be shared with us before anyone can play it. This is what we’ve been looking forward to for a long time! We are proud of the products we provide and the quality of services since we are the only one in the market that cares for user experience.

JS Dolls Realistic sex dolls 

One might have questions if they are looking for a realistic sex doll. One might consider that since TPE material is used in making sex dolls, which feel real when touched and are easy to clean. The options include hair length, hair color, eye color, or even the size of breasts and the shapes of their butt. Everyone picks their sex doll based on their specifications throughout the day. The doll is shipped directly to the owner after being made to order. We have the largest selection of dolls expected to be like sex dolls. It takes about 10 hours for each doll to be completed, and it typically takes a few days for all of that to happen. Buy sex dolls from the company and then create and modify them to fulfill your needs.

What makes JS dolls different from the other sex doll manufacturers?

All of the dolls are handmade-We will make a brand new doll with your entire payment, which will take a couple of days, and we will have the doll shipped in a discreet package.

How long does it take to produce my doll -It will take between 8 and 12 business days for shipping.

There are no health risks from our sex dolls

There are no known health risks for our products. It’s easy to clean the doll with soap or detergent. Just twirl it around in your hand.

Quality Sex Dolls

If you put your doll in the positions that an average person knows how to do, it will look great. The dolls cannot have their own weight supported but are sometimes required to have a stand or support with their poses. The TPE skin of the doll is very flexible and will work in almost any position. Some positions can be tiring on both the TPE flesh and internal joints. A break can be a consequence of over-straining a joint.

Order-related queries

All orders have to be canceled within 8 hours. You can contact us via email. The customer can contact us via email: and we will process the refund for free and issue it directly.

Doll Packaging and Shipping Information

We deliver our sex dolls to the USA. The shipping company undertakes international transport. We give our customers a tracking number and an online portal to check the shipping process. If there is no signature on the package, we can call it a Mannequin or any name the customer wants for customer privacy.

Varieties of Sex Dolls

We have a variety of sex dolls. You can select from affordable Sex dolls to premium sex dolls with a wide assortment of characteristics, features, and sizes. The sex dolls for sale have realistic TPE material that will impress and be ultra-realistic. You can find adult dolls by scrolling down on our website.

Sales and Deals 

You can buy our sex dolls on sale as we always offer limited sales to surprise our customers with affordable prices.

Our Payment Methods Are Also Convenient

We accept all kinds of Credit and Debit cards, and we also could accept PayPal, money orders, and personal checks. Email us or reach us at for details and instructions on PayPal, Personal Check, and Money Order payment process.

Payment Security

JS Dolls use state-of-the-data encryption technology to keep your data from leaking; we store your data in full and not tell third parties We promise to give you the most secure privacy protection because of the product’s actuality. Package will not include any references to what the product is or what it is for.


Therefore, we conclude that JS Dolls is a brand that has proven to be the best in the sex doll industry in recent years. Our customers love us for the promising products that we offer. We want to design dolls that are high-design, of good quality, and reasonable price. To ensure you get the correct doll, we will provide the one that fits and go with your needs. Regardless of who you are, what your needs are, or what challenges you face finding a thicc sex doll, we will take care of your needs at the earliest possible time.

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Quality Realistic Sex Dolls
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