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How to Choose Dress for Sex Dolls?

Posted on September 11, 2021

a life-like sex doll brings much more than sexual pleasure. The use of sex dolls is increasing day by day as they serve all your needs that an actual human would do. Moreover, sex dolls can engage in all types of activities for your pleasure and happiness from proving emotional support to being your trusted companion.

For single people, a sex doll is just like their family member whom they love to look after and dress up in attractive outfits. Dressing up a heated sex doll is the best way to reflect your compassion and love for her. When it comes to dressing your partner, there is no limit to their imagination. Therefore it becomes essential to do some research before trying to customize the doll. This post will address the detailed procedure of how to choose the right clothes for your sex doll and dress her like a real supermodel.


Choosing the right size clothes:


One of the biggest challenges to dressing your doll is choosing the perfect outfit in the right size for her. You cannot take your doll to a mall and try many outfits unlike what humans do. You have to know the size of their dresses and measurements before you start shopping for her clothes. Shopping for a full-sized life-like doll is somewhat an easy process as they are much like real women in both shape and size and, you can find the best customers very easily. The height of most sex dolls is about 5ft to 5.5ft and, also depending on their weight, you can order perfect clothing for them. And for smaller or mini-dolls, finding suitable underclothing is difficult as her boos are not proportional with her body for obvious reasons.

Look suitable tops for your sex dolls:


There is a possibility of challenges in selecting a dress that can fit her breasts as most sex dolls come in unrealistically large breasts that frequently aren`t proportional with the rest of the body. Large breasts make them so special and seductive that means you will face difficulty in finding the right tops and dresses for your doll. You may have to shop at specialty stores or look for online platforms that are well sex doll clothes if your sex doll is bustier.


Consider the personality of your doll:


Always make sure the dress gores with her personality while shopping for her outfit. You also need to consider their height, hair, and skin color that complement their figure and personality.

There are many online platforms and third-party websites that offer cool outfits especially for sex dolls of different shapes and sizes. You will easily find online fetish stores that sell the sexiest attire available if you want to go a little deeper. Make sure that your doll is your property and, you can dress her up in any attire you think suitable and also don`t limit your options.


Buy accessories for them:


To buy accessories for them is another way to make her appear like a hot supermodel. Make a collection of items such as necklaces, face-pack, medical supplies, and so on that complement her dress. The list contains undergarments and seductive lingerie as well. Experiment with different accessories on her to find out what suits her best by getting into the character. While you are putting different items on her just, hold these moments of closeness.


Try different clothes:


There is no matter that how your sex doll looks, you got to try thin fabric shirts on her. And if you get into the mood after seeing hot girls, tightfitting outfits, this is what will take your sexual energy to the next level. The fabric-shirts you see her nipples and expose her curvy buttocks. If you are into anime characters, try her Japanese outfits like a mini skirt with a white top and high knee socks. Also, get a sports bra and gym shorts if you love big ass sex dolls you always dream to get laid with and let your sexual understanding take the charge. You do it if you have to slide the dress from heads down.


Important things to consider while dressing your sex doll:


Dressing up your doll is a gentle process to have role play, cosplay, and other dree-related fun. Moreover, wearing her dress in the wrong way can damage her material and reduce her life.


  • Instead of heads down always tries to dress her from feet up. This is considered the best way to avoid damaging her wig and the rest of her body.


  • The owner of a sex doll and the experts recommend dressing a doll by hanging a contraption to suspend her, from as you put on the outfit. It will help wear clothes from all sides without needing to apply pressure to put up clothes while she is laying down.


  • You can dress your love doll in tight clothes and fulfill your fantasies and also never leave her wearing too tight an outfit for a long time. In addition, this practice can leave elastic marks and dimples on her skin that reduce her beauty and attractiveness.


  • Use an extra layer of stocking before sliding on pants if you want to dress her in long pants. It will help to make dressing and undressing quickly easier and avoid the possibility of leaving marks on her legs. The owner of a sex doll can also use tight stockings to help put on the pants.


  • The hands and fingers of your doll are delicate and, beware not to put excessive pressure on them while trying to dress her. It can damage them, especially while wearing her tight outfits. For this reason, it is recommended to cover your doll`s hand with a glove while dressing.


  • One of the most convenient ways to dress a doll for beginners is to use loose, strapless clothes that open completely in the back or front. Also, use stretchy material like spandex as you won`t need to apply too much pressure to get them on.


The Final word


This is the complete guide that how you dress up your sex dolls to make them more attractive. In the market of sex dolls, there are various types of dolls available like silicone sex dolls & thicc sex dolls. Hopefully, the information shared through this post regarding dressing tips for sex dolls will be more beneficial for you. If you have any questions regarding this post, feel free to contact us in the comment box. Happy shopping!

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