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Big Boob Sex Dolls

Amazing Features of Each Type of Love Doll Boobs

Posted on September 20, 2021


In the sex doll industry, there are three types of Big Boobs Sex Dolls breast shape. Solid breast comes under the first category, the second is a hollow breast and, the last one is a jelly breast. The features of each type are easy to understand from the point of view of the characters. One of the main differences among these breasts is internal structure, but each has its advantages and disadvantages according to the purpose and purpose of the doll. Read this post carefully before buying a doll if you are a beginner. In this blog, once you read the first and second parts, you will be able to understand the important features of basic solid breasts, hollow breasts, and jelly breasts.


How solid breasts, hollow breasts, and jelly breasts are different from each other: 


The main difference between the solid breast, hollow breasts, and jelly breasts is the degree of softness. Out of these breasts, the hardest is the basic solid breasts, the softest is the hollow breast with air and, the last is the jelly breast in between them. Although jelly milk is usually the most expensive, the softness is not the best, breaking the intellectual range of love doll breasts.


Features of solid breasts

The chest is a chest made from the same type of material as the ordinary love doll. And there is nothing special about the internal structure whether it is silicone or TPE, which is too much harder than real breasts. This basic type feels like not real fake milk for those who have rubbed real female breasts. You may avoid this type as a basic customization option when buying once you understand the features of solid breasts. Therefore, not only the disadvantages but also the story that has been emphasized many times before. There are many advantages and disadvantages according to the purpose and purpose of the doll. However, depending on the person, this strong breast may be your ideal breast.


Hollow chest features


From its name, it can be guessed that hollow breasts only contain air, because the breast is empty. It is the softest and has a little elasticity when compared with the other two types. You will feel the most real breast the first time you experience it for beginners. As the manufacturing standards of dolls have different skin thicknesses on the breast, therefore different manufacturers have different feelings on the hollow breast. D cups are considered the hollowest breasts. 


Features of Jelly Breast


It is hollow breast in which jelly is injected into the air, and have two other brilliant feature. The modern type of love dolls used to have only solid breasts. The reason behind the hollow breast born is many customers say they are hard and unreal. Jelly breast is softer and elastic than solid and hollow breasts. Jelly breasts are the most innovative among the 3 types of breasts. Although technology has improved customers satisfaction, in pursuit of more realistic positioning. Moreover, there are limited cups like hollow breasts, and ordinary jelly breasts can only be selected from C to G cups. As it is large in size, not able to bear weight and, the skin may crack. This weakness can be done if the fourth breast is invented in the future.


How to select the right doll breasts type?


Our online store JS Dolls provides thousands of sex dolls and presents the buyers with loads of questions as not all dolls are the same. Moreover, selecting a doll does need some effort and consideration. If you are a beginner, it is important to make an informed decision. Choosing the doll model and brand is one thing but when it comes to modifying it, you have more than a few different options to choose from. Also, these several options vary from one doll brand to another. Self-explanatory is one of the great features and, there is no need for extra information. While features such as sex doll breast type and material may need some extra attention from your end. Through this post, we will try to explain how you can choose the best type of breast for your new life-like sex doll.  


Selecting doll breasts materials:


  • TPE or Silicone 


  • Jelly


Silicone breast


The breast that is made with Silicone materials is medium soft and may feel slightly firm and can be found on both TPE sex dolls and hybrid sex dolls. Additionally, the breasts feel very realistic and have a decent bounce. On the other side, silicone breasts can only be found in doll models with 100% silicone bodies. If you are looking for Huge Boob Sex Dolls, you will have to opt for one of the silicone doll models.


Breasts made with jelly:


Jelly-based breasts are not standards to most adult doll models and, it comes as an add-on option. These breasts are very soft and bouncy, as compared to other breasts, and helping you experience an ultra-realistic touch.


Sexual pleasure with love sex dolls


All adult love sex dolls come with an exceptionally youthful a beautiful look. They look like a real girl as their nose, cheeks and, other body parts are extremely pointed by point. The reason behind utilizing Fitness sex dolls for sex is to encounter extreme sex. To get enthusiastic sex with a doll by envisioning it as a young lady to get the serious peak appears to be the most ideal approach. 


The Final word

Modern technology and materials are using for making realistic sex dolls and are extremely expensive. Therefore, you need to be careful when you buy one, it lasts for a long time. Hopefully, the information present in this post will help a lot if you are a beginner and have a plan to purchase a love doll. If you have any questions regarding sex doll breasts, feel free to contact with us. Thanks!

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